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Month: December, 2014

The Two Things You Need to know about Local Sex Ads

Isn’t checking out local sex ads fun? Isn’t it just awesome to set up a date with somebody, fuck in your car or in a cheap motel, and just call it a day? It’s definitely better than spending hundreds of dollars at a bar wining a woman to get her number and spending another few hundred dollars trying to get into her pants by wining and dining her. With sex dates, it’s all about action and sex. Everybody cuts to the chase and there are no bullshit or emotional strings attached. As long as you are dealing with the right person, everything is good to go.
The good news is that an increasing number of women are turning to sex dating because they’re too busy, or they just don’t want to get emotionally attached. They want physical action, but they don’t want any of the unnecessary drama that usually comes with emotional relationships.
In theory, this is a win-win situation. However, you need to come prepared. If you don’t bring these two things that I’m going to describe below, you are just really setting yourself up for a disaster. It’s probably much better for you to avoid this kind of dating until you are able to bring the two things below.
Bring the right mindset
When you are going out on sex dates, you need to have the right mindset. A sex date is exactly that: It’s a date for sex. There’s no looking at her eyes under starlit skies or smelling the fragrance in her hair. There’s no romance. It’s all about your dick getting in her pussy and her coming, and you coming and both of you going your separate ways. It’s all about filling a basic need. Sure, the person might be funny or is very charming and charismatic but at the end of the day, it’s all about fucking. If you cannot wrap your mind around this and be at peace with this, then avoid adult dating altogether and just stick to regular dating.
Bring protection
You have to protect yourself. There are so many sexually transmitted diseases out there. We’re not just talking about HIV. We’re also talking about contact diseases. These are diseases like herpes that involves skin contact. You have to bring not just a condom but all sorts of protective cream. The good news is if you come prepared like a Boy Scout, your partner is more appreciative and chances are you can hook up with that person again in the future.